Deuces mean

deuces mean

Deuce definition, Cards. a card having two pips; a two, or two-spot. See more.
Top Definition. deuces. when someone holds up two fingers symbolizing "peace" when leaving an establishment, " deuces " is often said. roscoe: ite.
Define deuces wild: a card game (as poker) in which each deuce may represent any card designated by its holder. deuces mean Deuces official REMIX (LYRICS on Screen & D/L link ) Ft. Drake, Fabolous, Kanye West, Andre 3000 The definition of DEUCES is "Peace". Middle English dewesfrom Anglo-French deus two, from Latin duosaccusative masculine of duo two — more at two. Origin and Etymology of deuce. What's up a coin is flipped 8 times 1500 sq that? Lookups spiked after the president said he found a question about rising incidents of anti-Semitism 'very insulting'. Learn a deuces mean word every day. Browse the Spanish-English Dictionary.